Our Mission is to promote and sustain a strong and active community network to channel our social, cultural and spiritual heritage to our children and the generations that follow them. In doing so, we hope to provide ourselves with a strong identity, an understanding of Jain values and beliefs, the facility and opportunity to practice these and a united community with responsible and capable leadership.

Under the auspices and leadership of its Executive Committee, the JCWA has undertaken the service of supporting and promoting the ideas, values, beliefs, and practices that serve as the foundation for a Jain community in this 21st Century. We wish to set up the distribution of knowledge and resources to enable our older and younger generations to lead and participate successfully in our community.

Its our top most priority as we believe that now more than ever, in the globalised and multicultural world that we find ourselves participating in, it is absolutely important for us to have a cultural reference to a spiritual core. Such a spiritual core, which emanates from our Jain religion, provides a platform upon which to live and practice a life with self-discipline, focused on self-realization, managing our emotions and control our independence to enable us to confront and deal with the challenges we face of identity, self-worth and ethics that constantly shadow us in this current age. It is our firm belief that by neglecting what we see as our duty, to provide these invaluable teachings to the generation of our children and every subsequent generation, we suffer the risk of incurring a loss of such extreme magnitude to our sense of humanity and purpose, that is not only unquantifiable, but also, unbearable.

It is with this understanding that the JCWA is confidently championing the implementation of its purpose. The aims to promote and realize the benefits of a community focused and community driven initiative. Through its strategies we aim to support team building, the expression and development of talent within the community, as well as the opportunities for members to find a purpose by enabling them to contribute in their individual capacities to the way of life that is Jainism. It aims to assist our members along the continuum of self-realisation. Every individual in their respective capacity can contribute to their own development and the development of their community in some way; be it in the sense of offering physical service, professional skills or the supplying of financial resources, the possibilities are endless. The program will also target specific outcomes which directly cultivate and enrich our community.

Members, we humbly invite you and your families to share in this exciting and rewarding venture with us and to freely partake in what is rightfully yours; a Jain community that is strongly connected to its roots, but which enthusiastically nurtures the growth of its branches into the future.

Jai Jinendra